The surface of Rion's noise exposure meter "NB-14"

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Personal Noise Dosimeter

Corresponds to noise work environment measurement for occupational safety and health purposes

The back of Rion's noise exposure meter "NB-14"
Male Worker Wearing Hearing Protection Equipment

What is a Noise Dosimeter?

What is it used for?

Noise Dosimeter is a device that measures how much noise workers are exposed to in the workplace each working day. A compact device is attached around the ear such as the head and shoulders of the person to be measured.

Why do we need a Noise Dosimeter?

For example, in many construction sites, there is constant loud noise. People who work there are chronically exposed to noise, and their hearing deteriorates over time, leading to occupational hearing loss.

Long-term exposure to loud noise increases the risk of developing hearing impairment.

In order to protect the hearing health of workers, it is necessary to measure the noise in the workplace and take countermeasures.


Rion's noise exposure meter "NB-14"
  • Easy operation
  • Simple report generation
  • Compact, lightweight and wearable

How to use

Rion Noise Dosimeter

Use two buttons to start/stop measurement.

Measurement can be done in simple four steps.

Automatic sound calibration

(before measurement)



Automatic sound calibration

(after measurement)

The alligator clip will grip firmly.

It does not come off easily even during work.

The Noise Dosimeter should be worn so that the microphone will be positioned near the worker's head, neck and shoulder. You can take measurements without worrying that the device will come off even during work that involves vigorous movement.

Press and hold the START/STOP key to start/stop measurement.

The STATUS LED flashes orange during measurement.

No operation required until measurement is completed.

Noise exposure measurement in the work environment is based on a single day. NB-14 can measure more than 12 hours on a single charge and can hold measurement data for about 48 hours.

Rion's noise exposure meter "NB-14"
Explanation of the flashing color of the light of Rion's noise exposure meter "NB-14"
Orange Dot Light

The LED color tells you the amount of noise exposure.




The degree of noise exposure is indicated by the color of the LED light. The worker's status can be checked without going near the worker.

Mobile Phone Icon

A mobile app that allows you to easily check the measurement results on site.

What can be checked:

  • Real-time noise level measured by NB-14
  • Data saved in the main unit

You can use the app by connecting the NB-14 and a smartphone with a cable.

※ Coming soon

Viewing measurement data

Measurement results report

Dedicated PC software for viewing measurement data and creating reports.

The Noise Exposure Data Management Software AS-05 Viewer loads the data measured by the NB-14 into a computer, allows you view the measurement data, and output reports that describe necessary items for the noise measurement.

It's so lightweight you will forget you are wearing it.

72g Weight of 3.5 AA batteries.

Battery Charging Icon
Battery Charging Icon
Battery Charging Icon
Noise measurement report created by software compatible with Rion's noise exposure meter "NB-14"

Leave the preparations for measurement to NB-14.

In order to measure the noise exposure correctly, it is important to check the equipment before and after measurement (acoustic calibration). The check is automatically completed by attaching a check device (sound calibrator) to the NB-14 microphone.

Specifications NB-14

Applicable standards

  • IEC 61252:1993+AMD1:2000+AMD2:2017
  • IEC 61672-1: 2013 class 2
  • JIS C 1509-1: 2017 class 2
  • VCCI class B
  • CE Marking

 ・EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

 ・RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

  • UKCA Marking
  • China RoHS 

Measurement functions

(simultaneous measurement and processing)

  • Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level
  • Equivalent continuous C-weighted sound pressure level
  • C-weighted peak sound level
  • Percentage of the legal limit of a physical quantity of exposure DOSE


  • UC-52

Store cycle

  • 1 sec.

Measurement level range

  • Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound level 58 dB to 143 dB
  • Equivalent continuous C-weighted sound level 58 dB to 143 dB
  • C-weighted peak sound level 75 dB to 146 dB

Frequency range of measurement

  • 20 Hz to 8 kHz


Power supply status, measurement status, overload/under-range bar graph (Percentage of the legal limit of a physical quantity of exposure DOSE)

Internal memory

  • Stores approximately 48 hours’ worth of measurement data


  • Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery (secondary battery)
  • Continuous operating time: 12 hours or more from a fully charged state (within the operating temperature range)

Operating temperature/ humidity range

  • Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (no condensation)

Size and weight

  • 85(H)×43(W)×22(D)mm
  • Approx. 72 g (excluding attachment holder)

Dustproof and waterproof performance

  • IP54 (expect microphone)


  • USB Cradle for Battery Charging and Communication for NB-14 *1, *2
  • Dedicated windscreen
  • Alligator clip holder

*1 Allows setting for the NB-14 to be made from a computer and transfers the measurement data to the computer. NB-14 is attached to the charging part, and the USB Type-C to Type-A cable(computer side)is connected to the charging part.

*2 A separate charger (commercially available) is required for charging. Voltage and current required for charging: 5 V, 185 mA


Sound Calibrator(NC-75)








The NC-75 is essential for pre- and post-measurement calibration.

Use it for day-to day management of the NB-14.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • High precision
  • IEC 60942 Annex B

Sound Calibrator


Would you like to start measuring noise exposure for the safety and security of workers?

Rion's noise exposure meter "NB-14"

New Releases


Noise exposure meter that satisfies the accuracy specified in "Personal Exposure Measurement"

Rion's sound calibrator "NC-75"


For checking equipment before and after NB-14 measurementNC-75

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